Why Colin Cowherd Believes Tom Brady Has ‘Lapped’ Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky

Colin Cowherd makes his thoughts clear when it comes to all-time athletes in their respective team sports.

Cowherd declared Wednesday on FS1 that Tom Brady is the greatest team sports player in history and that “it’s not even close.” The polarizing talking head explained that the New England Patriots quarterback has “lapped” both Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky in the debate.

“He (Gretzky) never won without Mark Messier,” Cowherd explained. “Think about Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan never won without Scottie Pippen.”

Cowherd continued by saying Brady never had a comparable teammate, making the point that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick went 5-11 the season prior to Brady taking over when Drew Bledsoe got hurt.

Cowherd also added that Brady has six Super Bowl rings — something no one else in NFL history has accomplished — and that the Patriots signal-caller would be in contention for the “greatest quarterback of all-time” label even if you cut his career in half.

Fans of both the NBA and NHL probably have their own takes on the matter, but Cowherd has put this topic to rest in his mind.

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Source: NESN

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