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FERNANDO FIORE: –World Cup power rankings. And well, Spain, number one. Germany, Brazil, France, Uruguay, Argentina,– sixth place– Belgium, Portugal, England, and Colombia the first 10. This is a Fox Sports power rankings of the teams participating here at the World Cup in wonderful Russia.

Right at this moment, Ian Wright didn’t make a lot of friends with his comments. But that’s OK.

– I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to tell people what I think– the truth. And the thing is–

– Hey, hey. He’s over there. Putin’s over there.

– We’ll see how it goes. But talking about winning, when you look at a team like Belgium and France, and you look at the collective quality players they’ve got, them two have to turn up. I don’t think they are going to, because I just don’t think they will. And I think that Belgium, even more than France, are a team that are running out of time, especially their golden generation. I’m going to go with Brazil.

– Brazil is your choice?

– I’m going to go with Brazil, because I feel that they’ve got a better defensive unit. They’ve got better midfielders. And they’ve got better forwards, for me, than they did in 2014. And I feel that there’s a– the rest, I believe, that Neymar’s had– and not only the three months before the injury, but the two years he’s had a PSG, just messing around playing, messing around football. I think he’s waiting for this kind of competition to prove everybody that he is the next great player off the great player conveyor belt.

– I won’t give you another red card for saying Brazil. But I already ejected you. I already ejected you. Stop. Lalas?

– All right. The Fox Sports power rankings are absolutely correct. At the top is España, Spain is going to win this World Cup. Why? One reason– goalkeeping. Goalkeeping.

You ride a hot goalkeeper. And they have not just the best goalkeeper in the world in David de Gea, one of the best players in the World. Sometimes we separate out goalkeepers.

We know what he has done for club. He can do the same thing for country. And by the way, not too shabby when you get to the players actually in front of him. So this is a team right now that I think is sitting pretty.

And I think at the top echelon you do have Brazil, Germany, and Spain. But I would still go with Spain.

– What about the distraction with the new coach?

– Don’t worry about it.

– We can talk about– we can talk about it later.

– I’m going to go with Wrighty. I think Brazil. I think they’ve got strength and depth and quality all over the pitch.

Neymar’s been rested with his injury. Obviously, he’s come back to full fitness. He’s hungry for success. He scored 55 goals, on a par with Rom–

IAN WRIGHT: Romário.

KELLY SMITH: Romário. I can’t get my words out tonight. But yeah, he’s got a point to prove.

And they’ve got two top quality goalkeepers in Alisson and even Ederson from Man City. So they are a strong unit. And for me, it’s about time they shine.

– And when he came back– for Neymar, he came back from the first friendly. He made an incredible goal. He’s like nothing happened over the time he was injured.

So yeah, I have to admit, Argentina–

– Oh–

– No, actually–

– –here we go.

– This is my eighth World Cup as a broadcaster. The previous seven, I always say, when they ask me, and I say, Argentina will win the World Cup. This time around, I am going to say Argentina is not gonna win the World Cup–

– Reverse psychology.

– –just to be careful. Reverse psychology. Deep inside, I hope that Lionel Messi will lift the trophy. But I say, Argentina is not going to win the World Cup. That’s it.

– You’re absolutely right.


– That’s my prediction. Oh my god. Well–

Source: Fox Sports

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