Tom Brady Feels He’s ‘Ahead Of Curve’ With Belief In Future Of Crypto

Tom Brady always has liked to pave his own path. And now that he’s entered the cryptocurrency space, we wonder if he’s interested in mining instead of paving.

On the field, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback’s unconventional diet and training methods have maximized his career. When it comes to the crypto world, it looks like he sees investing as a means of doing the same to his net worth.

“You can be ahead of the curve or behind it,” Brady on Tuesday said as a keynote speaker at Consensus 2021, hosted by CoinDesk. “I chose to be ahead of it.”

While athletes have gotten involved selling their own NFTs to fans and collectors recently, Brady went beyond that, launching an entire NFT trading platform.

Brady did not confirm he was a Bitcoin hodler, someone who holds the cryptocurrency, despite the laser eyes he added to his Twitter avatar.

He did confirm he follows the market closely, though.

Source: NESN

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