Tom Brady Checks In From Family Sky Trip With Star Wars-Themed Instagram

Well, the ski trip that New England Patriots fans have been dreading finally is here.

Tom Brady was at the ridiculously expensive and exclusive Yellowstone Club this weekend for his annual family ski trip. The 41-year-old, as you might have heard, prepared for the getaway by looking for ways to get more air when he goes off jumps. Lindsey Vonn even chimed in to help the vertically challenged quarterback.

(It was all in jest, of course.)

Brady took to Instagram on Sunday morning to check in while riding a chairlift. Donning some surely expensive ski gear, Brady shared the following “Star Wars”-themed post to his Instagram story:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady


Now, we don’t want to get too nerdy, but we really kinda do.

Unless Brady is channeling some Jedi we’ve never heard of, it’s pretty clear he thinks he looks like Kylo Ren, a famous master of the Dark Side of The Force. And that’s fine, except Siths (Ren technically hasn’t been identified as a Sith, but whatever) don’t say, “May The Force be with you.” That phrase is a Jedi (and overall good guy) exclusive, folks.

The Sith do utter something similar, but it’s typically along the lines of “May The Force serve you well.” Of course, to be “with” something is far different than considering it your servant. Hence the difference between Jedi and Sith, good and evil.

Got all that? Good.

(We’re purposefully omitting the fact that Darth Vader often says, “The Force is with him,” or, “The Dark Side is always with you,” to serve our narrative.)

Anyway, nice effort, Tom, but try again.

Thumbnail photo via Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports Images

Source: NESN

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