Tom Brady, Charles Woodson Share Awkward Moment Over Tuck Rule Question

If you ever run into Tom Brady, don’t ask him about the tuck rule.

The New England Patriots quarterback and former Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson shared an awkward moment last week during their taping of EPIX’s “NFL: The Grind.” when the latter asked the former about one of the most famous plays in modern NFL history.

“First thing’s first, man, let’s get the hard question out the way,” Woodson said. “2001, we’re playing you guys, it’s a playoff game. Just gotta ask you, man … Was it a fumble?”

Brady responded with stony silence.

“Alright, that was pretty awkward,” Woodson said.

“Yeah, let’s move on to something else,” Brady responded.

We’re not sure whether Woodson and Brady have previously discussed the fateful play with one another, or how much deadpan humor was involved. But even Raiders fans must admit the exchange is pretty funny.

Life goes on.

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images

Source: NESN

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