Tom Brady Can Relate To Giants’ Boat Trip, Calls It ‘Tricky Situation’

Odell Beckham Jr. and many other New York Giants players were highly criticized for their boat trip to Miami a week before their team’s NFC Wild Card Game against the Green Bay Packers, but Tom Brady can relate.

Speaking on WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan on Monday, the New England Patriots quarterback revealed he would sometimes fly cross country on off days when he was younger, which he realizes in hindsight probably wasn’t the smartest idea.

“Well, it’s a tricky situation,” Brady told WEEI. “Players are off, everyone decides what they want to do in their off time. When I was young, I did a lot of things that when I look back, I wish I probably wouldn’t have done — flying cross-country, things like that. It just wasn’t publicized.”

Brady said his mindset on how to handle time off has changed as he has gotten older.

“I flew out because I was from California, and when I had off time, that is where I went,” he told WEEI. “Looking back, there was one time I was actually injured pretty good and I decided to do it. I landed and stayed overnight and I realized, ‘(Shoot), I better fly back,’ and I flew back the next morning because it wasn’t a very smart decision. You’re younger, you don’t have all the experience that you have, and I am at a point doing this as long as I have, I cherish the opportunity that we have. I am putting everything into it. I will have time at the end of the year to do things I need to do, but right now it’s focus on what my job is, and that is to put everything I have into this week.”

The criticism of the Giants‘ players trip intensified after the team lost 38-13 to the Packers on Sunday, but Brady understands that’s just the nature of defeat.

“Every team has a different personality and obviously when you win, it takes care of all those things,” he told WEEI. “It sucks when you lose.”

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