This player went 48 minutes with a mask in his pants just in case he scored and could celebrate

It’s not unusual for players to plan to their goal celebrations ahead of time. Sometimes they are choreographed and sometimes they involve props that someone at the sideline has ready.

But Raul Jimenez didn’t need anyone’s help. He played for 48 minutes on Sunday with a wrestling mask apparently shoved into his underwear. Mercifully, he finally scored and could take the mask out. Watch:

We have a lot of questions. How exactly did he secure the mask while he was running around at full speed for 48 minutes? Underwear with pockets? Double-sided tape? Velcro? Exactly how much planning went into this and how long has that he been keeping that mask in there? He didn’t score in Benfica’s previous match, so did he have it tucked away for that entire match?

The mask was apparently a tribute to Mexican WWE star Sin Cara and the wrestler enjoyed the celebration, tweeting to Jimenez: “Gooaaal! Thanks friend!”

Jimenez earned a yellow card for the celebration, but it was probably worth it in the end. The goal ended up being a crucial one and Benfica went onto win the Portuguese title over Vitoria Guimaraes, 2-1. With that, Benfica now have a league-cup double.

We can’t decide what the better highlight from Sunday’s Portugal cup is: Jimenez’s mask/underwear ruse or the match ball being delivered on a weird futuristic drone. Either way, the Portugal cup sure delivered.

Source: Fox Sports

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