Stephen Jackson explains why he believes LeBron James would best fit with Popovich and Spurs

STEPHEN JACKSON: Best player in the world. Well, KD was the best player in the world last year. He showed it in the finals.

– OK.

STEPHEN JACKSON: But now, LeBron is definitely the best player in the world, but you can– you know how they say, one size fits all?

– Yes.

STEPHEN JACKSON: This is this situation with LeBron. He fits anywhere.

– Every team, any team.

STEPHEN JACKSON: We said it yesterday. Church league, YMCA, LA Fitness, anywhere. He fits with anybody.

– Hold on. LA Fitness?


– It’s going down at LA Fitness now.

STEPHEN JACKSON: You think he’s not going to be first pick at LA Fitness? He’s first pick at LA Fitness, for sure. He will fit anywhere. I think the whole thing with LA? It’s LA. He can sell himself even more. You know? He’s going make so much money off the court, like he does already. I think LA’s great. But anywhere is great for LeBron. It doesn’t matter where he goes.

– So we know–

STEPHEN JACKSON: I like San Antonio.

– There’s– you like San Antonio?


– I haven’t heard people talk about that league.

STEPHEN JACKSON: I like San Antonio.

– How come?

STEPHEN JACKSON: Because he’s never played with a coach like Greg Popovich. I think he’s never played with a great defender like [INAUDIBLE]. And the way [INAUDIBLE] is playing right now, I think Paul can help them. The team they have with Popovich at the helm, I think LeBron would be great there.

– So here’s the thing–

STEPHEN JACKSON: And he’d have a chance to catch Mike there.

Source: Fox Sports

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