Sporting CP vs. Atletico Madrid | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

ANNOUNCER 1: Let’s see–

STU: Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

ANNOUNCER 1: –how they handled that. Sporting with a chance in the 11th minute– when this one gets going. Just looking at– oh, Figo on hand for this game.

STU: One of your friends, isn’t it? One of your friends, Figo?

IAN: Not a bad player, was he?

STU: And Sporting, they played very well in this game. And we had talked about the controversy and everything surrounding this club coming into this game, Ian. And you did see a response. They got the goal here, Fredy Montero

IAN: It’s a bad mistake though, Stu.

STU: Goalkeeper?

IAN: Yeah, Oblak’s got to save that. I mean, you just witnessed a moment ago a wonderful saving, and then he does something like that. Uncharacteristic–

ANNOUNCER 1: Slippy, though, isn’t it? Vision.

IAN: He’s one of the best goalkeepers in Europe right now. To see a mistake like that is really uncharacteristic. Disappointing, and it allowed Sporting back in the game.

STU: Yeah, just a little lackluster today, I would say, from Atletico Madrid. And here’s Bryan Ruiz, a strike from distance. It was rising. I think Oblak just gives a little courtesy touch there to put that one over for a corner.

IAN: Sporting will always create chances. They’re that type of team, especially at home in front of their own supporters.

STU: What a ball.

IAN: They’ve got some dangerous players. That is an excellent delivery. And really, Gelson Martins should be doing a lot better with the header. Disappointing. And it was game on.

STU: And this is where Ian thought, when Sporting were knocking at the door, that maybe the game would open up a little bit. Here Costa trying to get in behind.

IAN: Seen that before, with the hamstring.

STU: Ripping the hamstring.

IAN: Seen that a few times in his career–

STU: He’s hamstrung.


ANNOUNCER 1: It’s more of a groan than a laugh that, Stu. Just so you–

IAN: Take that Russian hat off, will you?

STU: All right. All right.

IAN: And then Oblak again. When you need to have a goalkeeper behind you supporting your team’s performance, or even to rescue you, there are few better in European game right now than Jan Oblak. I think he’s a terrific goalkeeper. And he’s one of the reasons why Atletico Madrid will go through into the next round.

STU: Griezmann’s going to put this away, isn’t he? Nope. It was that kind of night for Atleti though. These are the ones that you see Griezmann just bury time after time.

ANNOUNCER 1: Good news is he has cut his hair though.

STU: And that little handshake there from Diego Simeone, yeah, they’re through.

IAN: Yeah, it was aggressive.

STU: But I think he will be a little frustrated at the way his team played.

IAN: I think, at times, you just need to worry about getting through.

STU: They are. They’re on to the next round. They’re in the hat, as they say.

IAN: Yeah, they are.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, they are through, but–

Source: Fox Sports

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