Skip Bayless says Kyle Kuzma is starting to turn into Isaiah Thomas after saying the team is being underestimated

– I was shocked to read these comments because he’s starting to turn into, dare I say, Isaiah Thomas. He’s sort of aligning himself with LeBron, like, we’re going to do this together. We’ve been working out together.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, they’ve been working out.

– Kyle had a really good rookie year, came out of nowhere, late first round pick, obviously, and he went 16 and 6 for a very young un-star-studded Laker team, right?


– They won 35 games, went 35 and 47. But he was First Team All-Rookie. And all of a sudden, he’s talking about wrecking the league, as Johnny Manziel once predicted he would do. That’s how it’s coming across to me.

And how much did it offend you that Isaiah Thomas walked in the door– Cleveland, Ohio— and started talking like, I’m LeBron’s costar. Like, I’m his equal. Well, this started to come across like, LeBron and I got this. You know, me and Bron, we’re going to show everybody.

– No.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yes, he did.

– Isaiah rubbed me the wrong way. He came in at 5′ 6″ and 1/4 and hurt and pretended like he was on the same platform as LeBron James. No. You were not going to come in and get no 23 shots a night. You’re not going to average 30 points a game.

First of all, he should have got healthy first, and then talk later. Second of all, Skip Bayless, Kyle Kuzma says, look, we get it. We’re a young basketball team. Especially if everything goes according to plan, we think Kuz is going to start with the exception of LeBron. But when you bring LeBron in, Skip Bayless, it’s just like anything. Skip, when you bring the best surgeon in– look, no matter the type of surgery, when you bring the best surgeon in that field in, you expect to get the job done.

Source: Fox Sports

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