Should Lakers Trade Lonzo Ball To Get LeBron James? Chris Broussard Believes So

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James

Photo via David Richard/USA TODAY Sports Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers appear to be falling apart at the seams, and they reportedly are set to make a trade at the NBA trade deadline.

While that deal likely will be one that helps them compete for an NBA championship this season — one that could LeBron James’ last in a Cavs uniform — Cleveland could, of course, elect instead to jumpstart its rebuild and deal James before he bolts in free agency this summer.

With the Los Angeles Lakers being bandied about as one of James’ likely destinations if he chooses to opt out of his contract, FS1’s Chris Broussard believes the Lakers should try and make a deal for King James at the deadline, and they should send rookie point guard Lonzo Ball to Cleveland.

Broussard discussed the idea on Tuesday’s edition of “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” noting that even if the 33-year-old superstar does want to join L.A. he won’t want any part of LaVar Ball’s antics so it would behoove the Lakers to trade the 19-year-old to rid them of his father.

“I believe, with good reason, that LeBron James does not want to come to L.A. to join a circus with LaVar Ball,” Broussard told Cowherd. “So, if you’re the Lakers, and you could get LeBron, but it meant you had to get rid of LaVar, which means you’d have to trade Lonzo, what would you do?

“I probably would do LeBron, because I mean, the question– obviously, he’s older. Like you said, four more years. Maybe three, four years, I think, as a top-10 player, he’s probably got. Is he going to get you a championship? I don’t know. But it certainly makes you relevant, and you’re an elite contender all of a sudden, like that. So I would do it.”

Cowherd then made a keen observation that Broussard saying “with good reason” means he has at least spoken to one source about the possibility. Broussard noted he had talked about it with people around the league and there’s no reason James would want to deal with Lonzo’s outspoken father.

“No question. So that– that’s something the Lakers have to figure out. I love Lonzo. I think he’s got a great upside. I think, as I’ve said, maybe he could end up being like a Jason Kidd. But if you want to get LeBron, you might have to figure something out.”

The next two weeks could tell us a lot about the Cavs’ and James’ future.

Source: NESN

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