Ross Brawn hires top engineers to map out F1’s future

Some key new appointments have been announced by the F1 organization as Ross Brawn continues to build up a team with which to map out out the future of the sport.

The new hirings include two leading F1 engineers whose job will be to help Brawn create future rules. F1 has never previously employed technical people.

Former Williams head of aerodynamics Jason Somerville had been hired to fill the same job at F1. He previously worked on the BMW Williams Le Mans project, and has also had spells at Toyota and Lotus.

Meanwhile, Craig Wilson has joined as head of vehicle dynamics. He previously worked with Brawn at both Honda and Brawn GP, and was a key player at Williams for many years.

A statement said that “together they will form part of a small group of engineers dedicated to researching fully the direction and implications of future regulations of the sport. They will liaise with the FIA Formula 1 Technical Department and the teams sharing the outcomes of their work with a view to improving the entertainment value, the sustainability and the sport of Formula 1.”

In addition to the technical hirings, another long time colleague of Brawn, Nigel Kerr, as joined as finance director of F1’s motorsport department. He was previously with BAR and Honda and played a key role in the transition of the latter into Brawn GP. He stayed on at Mercedes as chief strategic officer.

Chase Carey confirmed recently that f1 is doubling its staff from 75 to 150.

Brawn said: “We are building a team that enables stronger links to be forged between Formula 1’s management and the sport’s various stakeholders, ensuring that regulations are implemented with the involvement of all parties.”

Source: Fox Sports

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