Reebok Joins Men’s Romper Craze, Introduces Athleisure-Style ReeRomp

If the new men’s rompers were just a little too formal for you, then Reebok has the solution.

Rompers have gone in and out of style for women and men throughout the years, but the introduction of a Kickstarter for the “RompHim” took the internet (especially Twitter) by storm Monday. People either loved or hated the idea, but Reebok capitalized on the latter group by introducing the ReeRomp on Thursday.

The big difference between the ReeRomp and the RompHim is the style, as the RompHim’s chambray and cotton rompers have a very preppy look with their collars and buttons. But the ReeRomp is made of the company’s Activchill fabric, which is designed to wick away sweat and increase ventilation.

“Our romper is designed for comfort,” designer Eun Jung Park said in a press release. “It’s fitted in all the right spots, and with the added element of Activchill, it’s really versatile for any type of weather, especially the heat.”

The mock-up of the ReeRomp is white and features a high collar and a hood, as well as reflective zippers and hood lining. Its price is set at $89 and will be available in June.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/Reebok

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Source: NESN

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