Recap: Ducks 3, LA Kings 0 (9/29)

– Well, yeah. I mean, it’s– you can look at the goals, but there’s other problems. I thought– I said it last time.

I thought we played a really strong team last night. I thought we played fast. You know, we played fast, we looked fast. And tonight, we looked slow.

I don’t know if the schedule caught up in some of the guys. That’s– I’ll take responsibility for that. I think some guys were asked to play a lot just because we’re in a– kind of a heavy load back to back.

You know, some of those young guys– Amadio, Pearson, those guys– played a lot. So I don’t know if it’s a lack of practice time that caught up with [INAUDIBLE] this week or the schedule. But whatever the reason is, we need to reset.

You know, I thought we held on to pucks right from the get go, turned a lot of pucks over. That forced them to– not force them, allowed into play in our own zone. And you know, even when we generated stuff, we were in and out. So you know, certainly not the way we wanted to end our preseason, but we’ve got a– the good thing is we’ve got a week until we start here and we’ve got an important week of practice here.

REPORTER: Any update on Dustin?

– There is not. No– any time. He didn’t finish, so we’ll get an evaluation here hopefully by tomorrow.

REPORTER: You mentioned the week off. Normally you want to get going right away but that these five days or six days or whatever coming up, is that a good time to get in some practice time there?

– Well, you know what? It’s– I think in this case, it is. We’ve had, you know, guys going in different directions and, you know I think the guys actually done a good job.

I got some guys that– you know, we took some young teams on the road that played really well. So that’s– that’s a real positive from that. But I think it’s time now to get down and get some real quality work in here. And power play hasn’t been very good in preseason.

That needs to be looked at here. I think the penalty kill has improved. It wasn’t very good early, but it’s improved.

But you know, the fact that we have a week to get ready and, you know, the team we’re playing plays before we do. And sometimes, that’s an advantage to them with a day in between. So the schedule is the schedule, and when you get to the regular season– so whether you’re playing Wednesday or Friday, you got to make the best of it.

And there’s going to be times you’re in the air where you get playing right away and times you’re in the air where you’re going to have some time off. So this week, we’ve looked at it all along knowing we have the week to prepare. So it’s an important week for us to get the group together and make sure our team game is in order and play a very good San Jose team.

Source: Fox Sports

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