Recap: Dodgers 5, Angels 3 (7/15)

– This is just a breaking ball he left right over the plate. And he didn’t miss it, but Taylor’s got really good stuff. He can change speeds well. And it was really just that one mistake, really, cost him in the two innings.

– You’ve been saying you want to give Marte an opportunity to get in there against left handers. So how nice is to just kind of see if he can handle that against Kershaw?

– Yeah, Jefry’s last 50 at-bats have been a little bit soft as far as production, but he got a big hit for us this afternoon and tied the ballgame up. And unfortunately, couldn’t capitalize on it, but it was good to see him swinging the bat, hit a ball hard to shortstop too.

– It seems like you guys have kind of been struggling in situational hitting. What do you think has kind of gone wrong there? And what do you think could– what [INAUDIBLE] eventually turn?

– Well, you’re facing some tough pitching too, and we just couldn’t get a hit with guys in scoring position. But this game turns early too. I don’t know how they missed that play at first base. He was out real time, and he was out on the replay. So I don’t know what is going on, but that is a play that absolutely should not be missed. And it totally changed the course of that second inning for Deck. And that’s unfortunate. That definitely had an impact on today’s game.

Source: Fox Sports

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