Puerto Rico trip about much more than baseball for Berrios, Twins

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: Bayamon, Puerto Rico.


ANNOUNCER: This athletic municipal of Puerto Rico has nearly 240,000 residents and is home just several amateur teams, including a soccer, basketball and women’s volleyball team. And of course, there’s baseball.


ANNOUNCER: Jose grew up with an appetite for baseball. His father and brother fed his passion by coaching him through his childhood. But when he became a young man, they knew he was destined for a larger stage and needed greater guidance.


ANNOUNCER: Berrios did not start pitching until he was 18, shortly after the Twins selected him as their first pick in the 2012 draft. The former middle infielder took the move to the mound in stride, using the challenge as motivation for his already passionate work ethic.

BASEBALL ANNOUNCER: A brilliant 3-hit shutout for Jose Berrios.

ANNOUNCER: In 2008, his hard work paid off. In his season debut, he went the distance, delivering a pitching performance that propelled him to one of the most meaningful starts of his career, reminding us all that there’s no place like home.

BASEBALL ANNOUNCER 2: He wants to be like Javier Vasquez was to this island. He understands that he’s ready willing to be a number one pitcher with the Twins.

ANNOUNCER: Jose pitched seven scoreless innings in a game that would stretch to 16. Marathon past midnight and end with magic.

BASEBALL ANNOUNCER 3: And [INAUDIBLE], the first guy out of the dugout to–


BASEBALL ANNOUNCER 3: Jose Berrios, how great is that?


– And everyone is pretty impressed, especially Valentina. How’s daddy pitching? Great?

ANNOUNCER: But for Berrios and the Twins, the experience of Puerto Rico wasn’t only extra innings and celebration.

– Hello, welcome.

ANNOUNCER: They also traveled beyond the stadium, giving back to a community that continues to heal from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.


ANNOUNCER: Jose Berrios may be one of the most promising pitching prospects the Twins have produced in years. But this young star’s impact stretches far beyond the pitching rubber of Target Field. The hardworking Bayamon native has not forgotten his humble roots.


Source: Fox Sports

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