Nick Wright’s stern message to Cleveland: ‘You have no future without LeBron – no matter what, he’s gone!’

– I think last night was actually a bad night for the city of Cleveland. One, LeBron now leaves. You’re, like, well, of course, the guy was Superman. And he couldn’t win a series against Brad Stevens and kids. And two, the lottery pick gave him number 8, which is not much of a pick. Frankly, it is in the NFL.

It is in baseball. It is in hockey. It’s not in basketball. I believe the pie chart is now 50% Lakers, 40% Cavs, 10% other team. I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this. Where do you think if he loses this series, because we know when he feels–

– Colin.

When he’s with an old roster, and he feels trapped, he pushes the ejector button. Where do you believe, if he loses this series, he ends up next year?

– Listen, here’s my issue with the pie chart. Win, lose this series– win or lose in the finals. The odds of him staying at Cleveland should be 0% on your pie chart. He’s leaving. He’s gone. Cleveland somehow– Dan Gilbert, doff your cap to you, sir. You have somehow blown having the greatest player in world history on your team twice. You’ve done it twice.

And when you mentioned the eighth pick, they should have known this was likely going to be the eighth pick. When they traded for the Nets pick, we knew there were five or six teams in the league that would actively try to tank. We also knew the Nets stunk. But because they didn’t have their own pick, they would not try to lose games.

So they knew when they traded for it. They knew headed into the deadline. This is probably 90%, as it was going into last night, going to be somewhere between the 6 to 10 range. That is exactly where it fell. It is why them trading for– taking an inferior package from Boston. Because, oh, it’s going to include our future after LeBron was absurd.

It’s why at the trade deadline not dangling that pick to get LeBron more help was absurd. Your future after LeBron, Cleveland, is going to be the exact same as the entirety of your history, except for the 11 years he’s been there. Total traveshamockery embarrassment. You have no future after LeBron. Mo Bamba to Trae Young or Collin Sexton aren’t going to change that.

So the idea that you had to keep this Nets pick, as if it were likely to turn into Luka Doncic or DeAndre Ayton, was always silly. They blew this from the beginning of the off-season when they traded Kyrie– when they didn’t bring back the GM– when they held onto this pick as if it represents some future. Lebron’s gone.

No matter what happens, he’s gone. Where will he go? I’d say Philly’s the leading contender. Then LA, then Houston. But Cleveland has as much a chance of signing him as the herd does.

Source: Fox Sports

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