Nick Wright unveils how Kevin Love’s return will impact LeBron’s Cavs

NICK WRIGHT: I think people– if you didn’t watch Larry Nance with the Lakers– and I think most people probably didn’t– you don’t know Larry Nance the knock on him before he got to Cleveland. Not a good rebounder. He’s, all of a sudden, in Cleveland somehow been– but it’s very small sample size– been a good rebounder. But I don’t know if that is sustainable.

Kevin Love will help him tremendously on that. We remember– Kevin Love was a guy when he was– the sticking in the low post guy. Get you 15 rebounds a game for a season. There’s one other aspect of Kevin Love that it’s a little uncomfortable to bring up, but I think it’s important. Because what we don’t know is, the weight that’s been removed from Kevin Love’s shoulders since he spoke publicly about his panic attack, since he talked about what actually went down in the locker room when the teammate accused– teammates accused him of why’d you leave the game?

And if we are going to see a more at-peace Kevin Love– because I think with Love, it’s never been a question of skill. It’s always been– he’d been the guy that got blamed for a lot in Cleveland. The guy who seemed, at times, mopey in Cleveland. And if we see Kevin Love, all of a sudden, mentally in a better place to go along with the fact that from an X’s and O’s standpoint, he now gets to be the second option without any question. Rodney Hood’s not taking that from him. George Hill’s not taking that from him. No question, he’s the second option. Are we gonna see a guy who’s more at peace on and off the court when he comes back from this injury?

– And, I think that’s one of the most important points to bring up. Because throughout the early part of the season, and you talked of some people from Cleveland, it wasn’t just Isaiah Thomas pointing at him. It wasn’t just other– Like LeBron, I think, had questions. Are you– when push comes to shove, are you gonna be the guy that shows up and that we expect and we need.

And I think with him, being able to get that off his chest, talk about his anxiety, see a therapist as he has spoken about, I think that’s a different mentality, different mindset. And I do think– with the biggest issue for the Cleveland Cavaliers has been their defense, part of that is defensive rebounding. And I think Kevin makes a major impact in that top 15 in rebounding. He’s top 10 in defensive rebounding percentage. So I think that’s– they still got a lot of problems to fix, but I think that’s one aspect that he can help shore up.

Source: Fox Sports

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