Nick Wright outlines why people don’t embrace the Warriors

– The ever-moving target. Paul George got infected with the food poisoning– doesn’t even know it yet.

COLIN COWHERD: Nick Wright, joining us. By the way, you have been so outspoken on the Warriors. And I did think it was interesting, as whereas the Showtime Lakers and Bird Celtics and the Miami Heat and Michael Jordan’s Bulls– every championship, the ratings went up. We liked them more and more and more and more and more and more. We really did love them. Golden State, this finals– the numbers weren’t as good. People are not as interested.

– No.

– Do you believe there’s a certain arrogance– Silicon Valley, we’re smarter than you– that maybe they’re just not that likable? And maybe they’re not that great for the league, Nick?

– I think that all the other dynasties– and we can discuss whether or not this is a dynasty or not, if you’d like– but like all the other runs like this, they have built momentum over the course of the run. And there was, to some level, either you loved them or you loved to hate them. I don’t know anyone that loves this team other than the Bay Area fans.

You might respect the way they play. You might be– you might admire the beauty of the basketball. But all those other teams had national followings of people that loved them that were not from the area that had not rooted for the team– that jumped on the bandwagon. When their– when the best player on the team jumps on the bandwagon midway through, it feels different. When the team carries itself with an inauthentic toughness, it feels different.

When the two underdog stories on the team, you’re reminded, oh, they’re actually kids of NBA players– it feels different. And when– listen, you are who your best player is. And how do we know who the Warriors are when Kevin Durant doesn’t know who he is? All of those things make this one feel different. I would postulate– or I would argue that if they had done this without KD, the ratings would be sky-high. If they had beaten LeBron these last two years, without adding Kevin Durant, the ratings would still be sky-high. But it felt like something of a fait accompli. And it felt somewhat unfair, even though Houston took them to the brink. So I think that’s why this one is a little bit different.

Source: Fox Sports

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