Nick Wright on Sam Darnold’s performance last night: It was a blown tire, not a crash

– If the– if the Jets ownership or management wasn’t tipping the scales, though, in his favor, I said going into yesterday he was in the pole position. To continue that analogy, yesterday would have been a blown tire. It wouldn’t have been a crash where you’ve got to remove the car from the race, but he– he was not as good in week two of the preseason as he was in week one. We’re yet to see him push the ball downfield consistently at all. And Teddy Bridgewater has been consistently good in each of these two games.

But, as Coach has mentioned when he was out here, Chris right there, they– the Jets– want– confirmation bias is a real thing. And what you– if you want to have the reasons to start Sam Darnold

JENNA WOLFE: You could find them.

– You can find them. You can say, OK, he made the mistake on fourth down on the interception, but that was more exotic blitzes than he dealt with. He handled– at USC I mentioned yesterday, he had 13 picks, but he had 22 turnovers that year. So that means nine lost fumbles. He got hit yesterday, wasn’t fumbling the football. Like, right? You can find he was checking out of things at the line of scrimmage if you need to.

You can– you can find reasons. Why would you? Because he wasn’t a third-round pick. He was the third overall pick, and they need that. It is about selling tickets as well, and it is about marketing your team as well. And everyone knows he’s the future, and fans like for the future to start as soon as possible. And so he has that working in his favor.

Source: Fox Sports

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