Nick Wright on Kevin Durant’s third ejection: ‘Know who you are!’

– You do some unpaid mentoring. You mentor guys all the time. It’s one of the things, basically since you’ve become this version of Chris Carter, Minnesota Vikings Chris Carter, it’s one of things you take enormous pride in, Mentoring football players, young people. Can you mentor Kevin Durant? Because one thing that you taught me–

– Well, part of the mentoring you got to be able to surrender and say, you know something? I need to learn something. So that’s one of the requirements of getting in. That’s entry level.

– Here’s why I say it. One of the things you taught me–

– Step one.

– I need help.

– I need help.

– One of the very first times we hung out together, is you are highly aware that everywhere you go, you are Chris Carter. And there is a responsibility that goes along with being Chris Carter as soon as you walk out of your front door. There’s going to be people’s first experience with Chris Carter.

You are representing yourself. You’re representing Fox. You’re representing the NFL, the Hall of Fame. And so you carry that responsibility. Can someone tell Kevin Durant he’s Kevin Durant and not Matt Barnes? There is an added responsibility. Kevin Durant is one of the–

– In the worst analysis, Nick, how good of a player is he as far as NBA greats and right now, the worst analysis ever?

– His worst case scenario is right now. He’s the fourth best player alive. He’s probably the second best player. His worst case scenario as far as everyone that’s ever lived is 30th best ever. And he’s probably closer to 18th and 19th. So know who you are. Look at this, as far as– Jenna, let me just show the audience.

Can we show the NBA league leaders in ejections by team? This is a remarkable– look at this, most ejections tied for fourth, or fourth place, the entire Wizards team, tied for first, the entire Pelicans team, the rest of the Warriors, and Durant. There have been 16 ejections in the NBA season total.

Durant has three of them. 22 teams have none. And by the way, Jenna, this is Durant because you’ve talked about how he’s annoying you, like what is he trying to be? Going into this season, Durant had been ejected twice in his career.

Source: Fox Sports

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