Nick Wright: Los Angeles Rams are the “scariest and the best team” in the NFC

– I think it’s the Los Angeles Rams. The Los Angeles Rams to me are the serious team in this conference. I love–

CRIS CARTER: Scariest and then best, they might be different.

– First of all, you’re absolutely right. They are different things, so let me rephrase it. I think the Rams are the scariest and the best team in the conference. I think they are the team that– In the playoffs, in my estimation, to make the Super Bowl, you need to be playing your A-level game. And I don’t think there’s a team in the NFC who’s A-level game can beat the Los Angeles Rams.

I think what they have right now with Todd Gurley has made the passing attack a luxury. I think that defense absolutely will travel, and they are looking at, unless they face the Eagles, which right now they’re the three seed, so they would only face the Eagles in the conference championship game, they’re not looking at a bad weather situation. First game they play would be at home. Second game they played be in Minnesota. It would look like– that’s a dome. New Orleans plays in a dome. Carolina has good weather.

Like– I– I think the Rams what they’ve shown me their upside. I– I understand why the Vikings might be the most consistent team. But while the most dangerous is different than best is different than most consistent. The Rams are the team to me that right now I look at and I’m like, wow.

If I– if I dedicate my time to stopping Todd Gurley, Jared Goff and that passing attack led by Sean McVay, is going to cause problems defensively. They have– They have the best defensive player in football right now in Aaron Donald.

– Where’s their defense ranked though?

– Well, let me tell you. Their overall defense?

– Overall.

– Rams have the eighth scoring defense in the league, the 16th total defense. So that’s a team–

– Jenna, the reason why he said eighth because that’s their best total. Besides having Aaron Donald that’s how he worked the numbers on them.

– No, they’re fourth in sacks. They’re fifth in turnovers. I was giving you total defense and scoring defense. I know you like scoring more. They give up more yards than a great defense would, but they’re top eight in the league or eighth in the league in scoring de–

Source: Fox Sports

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