NBA players are arriving at the bubble – and the social media content is emerging from it

NBA players and team personnel this week began to arrive at the NBA bubble on the campus of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. And so far, there’s been an endless supply of humorous content for fans to feast on via the players.

Take Philadelphia 76ers superstar center Joel Embiid for instance, known for his easy going personality. He arrived in Orlando wearing not only a mask and gloves, but a full hazmat suit.

If there is one person who will certainly be taking social distancing seriously during his time in the bubble, apparently, it’s Embiid.

Embiid didn’t stop there. He also has some concerns about weight loss.

Unlike Embiid, Portland Trail Blazers guard Gary Trent Jr. didn’t wait until landing in Orlando to start the shenanigans. He took to Instagram to have a photoshoot of his own in the airplane bathroom, much to the chagrin of teammates Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

Quite the second-year player mistake, Gary.

While there have been a few complaints about the living conditions and rules inside the bubble, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley appears to be more than comfortable in the hotel environment.

“The bubble is what you make it, man… I got the sage going on here, a nice little view here, electronic system here, and I got them white tees. Y’all get at me.”

Houston Rockets forward DeMarre Carroll seems to share Beverly’s sentiments, not understanding the complaints about the living conditions inside the bubble, specifically when it comes to the food.

It was just Tuesday that the internet went crazy after Troy Daniels shared this picture of his dinner from the first night in Orlando.

Carroll, for one, was not onboard.

“Man they on Instagram capping man talking about the food. That’s solid cooking where I come from, man. You got the chicken, you got the salad, you got the green beans. Come on, man… Where I’m from, this good cooking right here.”

But if there’s one player who was has been the star so far in Orlando, it’s newly-signed Los Angeles Lakers guard J.R. Smith.

Smith was, sarcastically, impressed by the food options on the menu in Orlando, reading them off to his followers on Instagram live (This video contains profanity).

Once the food arrived, Smith and his Laker teammates shared a few laughs in the hotel hallway (This video contains profanity).

Here’s to hoping that the players continue to keep the public up to date and provide even more laughs as the season continues.

Source: Fox Sports

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