Mozeliak on Wainwright’s dominant start: ‘It just shows you how special he is to this organization’

[DIGITAL EFFECT] – Nine games left in the season, you guys have the hold on the second wild card spot. How do you assess the situation you’re in right now?

– Well, I think it’s exciting. Obviously we control our fate. You want to see some quality baseball between now and next Sunday. But I think it’s an exciting time. And certainly, I know the vibe in this clubhouse is proud to be where they’re at. And when you look at past years and how we finish, this is a great opportunity for us to re-establish ourselves.

Adam Wainwright has come back with a flurry. His last start, some would say maybe a season-saving type start for you guys.

– You know, I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of that start. Obviously, we lost four straight. Momentum may not seem like it was on our side. And end for him to give us that type of outing, got some timely hits and ended up with the win was huge. And I think it just shows you how special he is to this organization and really to this team.

– He had worked his way through a number of rehab starts. His numbers along the way were very good. Yet, there was some criticism that maybe Wayno wasn’t the same guy. What was it about the way he was pitching and what you saw that made you believe he could do what he eventually did against the Dodgers?

– Well, I really don’t understand the criticism frankly. I think trying to say that we were just giving him a start because of what he’s done in the past, well yeah, that’s true. And then to also factor in that we needed someone to start, so that was part of it. And then the fact that he had a very good rehab assignment.

And you put all that together and then you ask someone like Adam Wainwright, how are you feeling? And do you think you can help, and he says yes, I think anybody that would be sitting in my seat would do the same thing. So to me, I think it was a perfectly logical and reasonable approach. And I’m excited that he was able to do what he did for us.

– Another guy who has given your team a big lift, Yadi. Still, it appears, dealing with a hamstring thing. Those things don’t go away overnight. But the way he’s been able to battle through it and be a big contributor.

– Well, I think we’ve all got to see Yadi over the years and we know that in a time that we’re in where games matter, he’s going to play. And so no matter what he’s dealing with, and he’s dealt with a lot over the years, but he’s one of the toughest human beings I’ve ever been around.

And you ask him how he’s feeling, he’s going to say, just fine. And he’s going to want to be in there and he wants to contribute. And I think we’re very fortunate that we’ve had him for so long. And clearly he’s one of the leaders on this club that keeps us together.

– You guys have added another guy from Memphis, Gallegos. Tell us about him and what are the plans for him.

– Well, I think you’ll see some usage out of him. Obviously, this time of year these games matter, and obviously we’ve got to decide where we want to use him. But has a big arm. He’s someone that’s 94 to 96, but very confident in what he can do. And when you look at how he was contributing in Memphis, we had a lot of confidence that he could help us.

– So you kind of watch as he goes. If he gets in a game and shows that there’s some traction there, he works again. Is that how you guys play it?

– That’s probably how it’ll work. With nine left, you can’t get over complicated.

– Thank you for the time, sir.

– Thank you, Jim.

– All right, that’s John Mozeliak.

Source: Fox Sports

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