Mike Trout is the LeBron James of baseball says Nick Swisher

There will never be an end to the age old debate of Michael Jordan or LeBron James— or even a way to silence those who throw the likes of Kobe Bryant and Bill Russell into consideration. However, one thing cannot be denied by anyone partaking in the argument: LeBron is a dominant force that carries his team.

Colin Cowherd: We all win if LeBron James ends up in Los Angeles

Taking a look at what The King means to the Cavaliers, it is obvious by his astonishing stats across the board in his 15th season, no matter what year it is, he will do what it takes for his team to win.

The same can be said of Mike Trout.

Trout, already a two-time MVP in his eighth year, is playing at a career-best pace at the moment currently sitting at second in the MLB in home runs (12) and leading the Angels in hits, RBIs and on-base percentage.

Is Nick Swisher really justified in comparing Trout with James?

May the newest age old debate begin.

Source: Fox Sports

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