Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford Gives Girlfriend Massive Engagement Ring (Photo)

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford signed a six-year contract extension worth $53 million in 2013, and it appears he has cashed in.

Stafford recently became engaged to longtime girlfriend Kelly Hall, who was a cheerleader at Georgia where Stafford played quarterback, and he certainly did not skimp on the ring. Hall posted a picture to Instagram of her and Stafford enjoying some Cold Stone ice cream that provided a nice look at the rock. The caption reads, “Don’t think I could be any happier!! #icecream”

larger Matthew Stafford ring

Nothing brings happiness to a woman quite like a diamond engagement ring big enough to blind onlookers. Lions fans and envious women everywhere will have to wait and see what her actual wedding looks like.

Photo via Instagram/@kbhall82


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