Keeper Of Stanley Cup Reveals Who’s Partied Harder Than Alex Ovechkin

It’s hard to imagine anyone’s partied harder after winning the Stanley Cup than Alex Ovechkin.

The Washington Capitals left winger has been seen nonstop dancing, drinking and even laying in bed with Lord Stanley after his team won its first championship in franchise history on June 7.

But according to Phil Pritchard, he can think of two others who have gone harder (!) than Ovechkin. Pritchard has been the keeper of the cup since 1988, so he’s been around a lot of people and a lot of parties, but two instances in particular come to mind.

“Teemu Selanne,” he said on the “Dan Le Betard” show. Selanne was part of the 2007 Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup team, and he said because he and Ilya Bryzgalov were the only two Europeans on the team, it made it a little more unique when it came time for Selanne to take the Cup home to Finland.

“I think the special thing about (Selanne’s) day was there was only two Europeans on the team that year, there was him and Ilya Bryzgalov,” Pritchard recalled on the show. “And to get from Helsinki to Bryzgalov’s city in the middle of Russia, the flights only went every second day.

“Teemu’s party kind of extended a bit longer than normal … I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Finland in the summer, but it doesn’t get dark. So it’s day all the time.”

Pritchard said Selanne’s days with the Cup featured a big celebration in downtown Helsinki, a sauna party and plenty of karaoke.

The 1999 Dallas Stars team was the other time Pritchard recalled. Though he didn’t offer as much detail and Selanne’s time with the Cup, he did say he was present at a party that featured the heavy metal band Pantera.

The party took place at drummer Vinnie Paul’s house and from there, plenty of rumors circulated that a dent in the Stanley Cup was caused because it was dropped then intentionally thrown at the party. Nothing was ever confirmed, though.

Through the 30 years Pritchard has been with the Cup, he said it’s really special to see just how excited the players are to bring it home to their family and friends.

He certainly must be loving the excitement Ovechkin has been showing the last week.

Thumbnail photo via Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports Images

Source: NESN

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