Gregor Gillespie TKO’s Jordan Rinaldi |HIGHLIGHTS| UFC FIGHT NIGHT

JOHN ANICK: Well, this fight could end here before we see a second round!

DOMINICK CRUZ: This is it.

JOHN ANICK: Gregor Gillespie trying to move to 11-0, and that’ll do it! Gregor Gillespie, with ease, tonight in Charlotte! Man!

DOMINICK CRUZ: Beautiful technique. I mean, that was a technical masterpiece right there, when it comes to grappling. That’s how you control somebody with wrestling and submission attempts, and control from the top position.

JOHN ANICK: And if Gregor Gillespie wasn’t already firmly on the radar of the elite lightweights, you gotta think he is tonight. Gregor Gillespie, 11-0. And he gets his ninth finish here tonight, spoiling the homecoming for Jordan Rinaldi. Our Move of The Fight is brought to you by MetroPCS. Bringing you closer than ever to the UFC, putting knockout coverage in your hands by covering 99% of people in the US.

DOMINICK CRUZ: And they’re calling the Move of the Fight the mount. Can’t really deny that. Looking like Jake Shields on top right here, just controlling from back mount, to full mount, to back mount, to full mount, to arm triangle. Then just punching you when you get tired until it’s over, and that is it. Gillespie gets the W. Beautiful win for him. And then, you know, it’s just showing he’s growing. He’s getting more confident where he’s at. And that’s what this is about, confidence as you work up the ranks.

Source: Fox Sports

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