Gordon Hayward’s Daughter Hilariously Pretends To Walk Like Injured Dad

Gordon Hayward can’t get around as easily as he’s used to.

The star forward suffered a gruesome ankle, lower-leg injury minutes into his Boston Celtics debut Oct. 17. Hayward has resumed minor basketball activities like shooting from a chair, but he’s expected to be sidelined for the duration of the 2017-18 season.

Hayward has had his hard cast removed post-surgery, but he still requires crutches to move around. Assisted mobilization has to be infuriating for Hayward, but his daughter, Bernie, is doing her best to keep her father’s spirits high.

Check out this clip Hayward’s wife, Robyn, shared of their daughter pretending to be hobbled just like her dad.

Now that’s how you earn brownie points with your pops.

We wonder if Bernie will continue to mimic her dad when he resumes practicing turnaround fadeaways and Euro steps.

Thumbnail photo via Instagram/Robyn Hayward

Source: NESN

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