Did LaVar Ball plagiarize off an Argentine company? Probably not

This entire thing is so absurdist and frustrating that I’m going to try and get through this post as quickly as possible.

There’s a company in Argentina you’ve never heard of, called “Baller Brand.”

They complained about Big Baller Brand, the company valued at $3 billion by literally only LaVar Ball, and said that the Ball family stole their name.

I’m going to side with LaVar and the Balls here, because there is absolutely no way that they did enough research to know that Baller Brand exists, and if they did, they probably just Googled around after LaVar had already proclaimed himself a genius for thinking of “Big Baller Brand” in the first place — which is objectively also not a clever name by any means.

Think of it this way: should Sports Illustrated be mad at Fox Sports for stealing our name, dropping the “Illustrated” and adding “Fox?”

Should Michael Jordan sue the estate of Michael Jackson?

I hate everything. I am not a Big Baller.

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Source: Fox Sports

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