Cris Carter unveils the magic between Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints

– You know, there with the family, like, how long will they own the football team? I think Drew Brees, at this point, he’s playing year to year. This is a one-year deal for $27 million. The team has the option on the second year. I’m sure if Drew continues to play at this level, if he stays healthy, I’m sure they exercise the option for year number two.

But I like the fact that he stayed there in New Orleans. Sometime during the season– I know he’s got less than 2,000 yards– he’s going to pass Peyton Manning as the all-time passer in the National Football League. Yes, I did send out a tweet with Drew Brees because the Vikings called. But in all honesty, we need to see Drew Brees– when he breaks that record, he needs to have a Saints uniform on. He’s the greatest Saints player in the history of that franchise. The lone Super Bowl they have is because of Drew Brees. He changed the culture there.

They took a chance on a small, undersized guy who was not a prolific passer in San Diego when he came there. They took a chance on him. And man, they built magic together. I’m glad to see him going back to New Orleans because, also, they’re one of the teams that you’re going to have to deal with in the NFC.

– Yes.

– They took a chance on him also, CC, coming off a major injury, an injury that made Miami say–

CRIS: Well, that was the only chance.

– Well–

CRIS: I mean, it–

– Correct. But he was not– when he went, even absent the injury, like you mentioned, he was not Drew Brees the way we think of him now leaving San Diego. He was a good quarterback, available the same offseason Dante Culpepper is available. It looked like he was going to go to Miami. Miami’s doctors don’t clear him. They go with Dante. Nick Saban goes with Dante. And, you know, the rest is a very sliding doors moment in NFL history.

As far as Brees, he is supposed to be a Saint, and the Saints knew that he felt he was supposed to be a Saint. And I think they got– I think he probably could have squeezed a few more dollars out of this. But what Brees knows is this. While he’s not going to play for free– and $27 million is a lot of money– he also knows the only reason Drew Brees is not– because you mentioned it. He’s going to throw for more yards than any player in the history of the League.

The only reason when we talk about the Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks, the truly top 5 guys of all time, that Brees is in that next tier down is because he only has the one championship. Like, Drew Brees knows this team is good enough to compete for a title. He knows that, if he were to squeeze every last dollar out of this, it might hurt their ability to compete for a title. And if all of a sudden Drew Brees becomes two-time Super Bowl champion Drew Brees, you start looking at him versus John Elway. You start looking at him versus Steve Young. You start looking at him versus some other guys differently than you probably do right now.

Source: Fox Sports

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