Cris Carter on the Vikings: ‘This ownership is in search of a championship, and Kirk Cousins is the final piece

– I know this starts at the top, and I know what the expectations of the Wilf family. They’re a family from the Jersey area. They grew up going to Giants games for years and years and years. They knew that they would never, ever be able to own the New York football Giants. So the best thing that they could do, they finally got an opportunity to purchase an NFL team. They purchased the Minnesota Vikings, and since they have been there, they have been in search of a franchise quarterback.

The one thing I can guarantee you, we’re going to run out of breath before the Wilfs run out of money, and the way they do things is first class. Everything that they’ve seen in the New York football Giants, they are trying to duplicate. How is the team built? It’s built through the draft. What about the consistency as far as their coach? They’re going to hang in there with Zimmer. Rick Spielman? Man, as long as he keeps doing it, he’s got a lifetime contract with the Vikings.

So the Vikings have been structured. They got a new stadium approved there. Got it built, had a Super Bowl there. They have a new practice facility they just opened. A state-of-the-art, that they believe, them and Dallas, they have the one and two best practice facilities.

So for me, the theme has been– Nick, you saw last year. Man, they do anything. They sent their private plane for me just to go to Minnesota, just to be there for the game. This ownership is in search of a championship, and Kirk Cousins is the final piece.

They’ve drafted well. They’ve spent the right amounts of money on the right players in free agency. Man, they have everything set up there. This is a franchise that’s been to four Super Bowls, and being one of the guys who played there, I know what their goals are. No, it is not to get to the NFC Championship. Coach, you are right. It is to get beyond where Case Keenum took them last year, but also, they want a guy who can be the face of their franchise for the next five to seven years. And that’s what they have in Kirk Cousins, and that’s their overall investment.

– And Cris makes us a really important point. There’s a lot of owners that don’t give you the advantages that the Wilfs have given that organization, whether it’s the stadium, the practice facility, the finances to go get free agents.

– We couldn’t even entertain free agents the way we do now because we didn’t have the facilities.

– If people don’t know, when you were there, it was different ownership.

– Different ownership, but also the facilities had been the same. They’ve been outdated for a long time. So in free agency– I mean, Kirk Cousins was shocked when he got there. People that participated in the Super Bowl utilizing the Vikings facility, like, they were shocked how nice it is there in Minneapolis. So now, they have that caveat that other teams had, great facilities.

Source: Fox Sports

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