Cousins over Garoppolo: T. J. Houshmandzadeh on the news that Shanahan wanted Capt. Kirk on 49ers

DOUG GOTTLIEB: Now, look. Jimmy G proved to be better than I think anybody could have thought or hoped, or wished for. And they signed to a long-term contract.

Does that do anything to damage that relationship– that he let it out of the bag that he actually wanted Cousins, as opposed to Garoppolo?

TJ HOUSHMANDZADEH: I think it was just being honest. He was being organic. It was unfiltered.

When they traded for Garoppolo, I wondered, when are they going to start him? And I thought they were trying to suppress his value and play him maybe the last two games of the season, so that we don’t have to sign him to such a huge deal, which they ended up having to do.

They didn’t want to play him early on because, if he plays well, he’s going to get the type of contract that he received. Now, I can’t fault Shanahan for wanting Kirk Cousins, because he believed in him. He felt like he’s going to strive and play well in my system.

Who got the better deal? You don’t know. Time will tell.

Source: Fox Sports

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