Colin Cowherd reveals why Donovan Mitchell is the next Russell Westbrook

– Everybody thinks I bang on Russell Westbrook. Story out today that Paul George and Westbrook may stay together in OKC. I think there is another Russell Westbrook. And if Paul George bails on Russell Westbrook, Westbrook becomes like the beautiful girl that guys keep dumping. And you have to ask yourself, why? What’s wrong? I don’t understand this stuff.

Listen, I have been somebody that, for years, I don’t love John Wall, Derrick Rose, and Westbrook. Why? Because they’re the same player– super athletic, the media falls in love with them because it’s a long regular season. And then they’re not great shooters, which coaches figure out very quickly, lay off them, forcing them to go to the basket, where they deal with bigger players at the rim, more collisions, more injuries, more exhausting. They don’t win titles.

Westbrook is Rose, is Wall. I think we have a next Westbrook– and I like the kid, but Donovan Mitchell of Utah. The media is all lathered up. Loves him. Dunk contest. I watched him play a lot last year. I spent a lot of time in the winter going to Utah. I watch a lot of Jazz games. Donovan Mitchell, to me, is the next Rose, the next Wall, the next Westbrook.

He is going to get everybody worked up. They’re already worked up after the dunk contest, so he’s super athletic. Oh, wait. He can’t shoot. He is, like, a 39% three-point shooter, a 33%, a 43% shooter. Wasn’t a great shooter in college. He’s not a great shooter.

That’s why he so often, like Westbrook, Wall, and Derrick Rose, has to score at the rim. What happens? It’s exhausting. You’re banging on bigger bodies. You have to finish at the rim, then race the full length of the court to get back on defense.

I like Donovan Mitchell, but there’s a reason I think Simmons and Tatum are the better young players– because we’ve seen it before. The dynamic, hyper-athletic guard– fall in love with him. Can’t shoot. Uh oh. Has to drive and score at the rim more often. Exhausted.

Westbrook is exhausted by the time the playoffs come around. He’s exhausted. Iverson was. Simmons isn’t. Jayson Tatum got better in the playoffs. I like Donovan Mitchell. He looks and feels a lot like Rose, Wall, and Westbrook to me.

Source: Fox Sports

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