Colin Cowherd explains why Dak Prescott is grossly overrated by fellow players

“Dak Prescott finished above Big Ben, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Marcus Mariota. And think about this, all these other guys have more years, more stats, more wins, more accomplishments.

“Dak Prescott finished in the voting above Drew Brees, Big Ben, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, Marcus Mariota, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Jameis Winston.

“This goes to the cool factor. And I’ve said this before: If you had every quarterback available on the open market and you considered everything as a GM, including age. You wouldn’t go get Big Ben, Brees or Tom Brady now because they’re too old. If you had every quarterback on the market that you could sign to a five-year deal, you wouldn’t sign Brees, Big Ben or Brady – a good GM wouldn’t.”

Matthew Emmons Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Source: Fox Sports

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