Charles Woodson Had Hilarious Reaction To Adam Vinatieri’s Missed FG

People don’t forget.

It was nearly 17 years ago that Adam Vinatieri hit two field goals, including the 23-yard overtime-winner, against the Oakland Raiders in blizzard-like conditions in the the 2001 AFC Divisional round. For New England Patriots fans, the 16-13 win is remembered as the beginning of a dynastic run of success. For Raiders fans, and former players, the wound remains fresh.

That was evident Saturday night when Charles Woodson, who was on the 2001-02 Raiders squad, took to Twitter when Adam Vinatieri, now with the Indianapolis Colts, drilled the upright on a 23-yard kick just before halftime against the Kansas City Chiefs in this year’s AFC Divisional Round playoff game. Conditions weren’t quite as rough as they were at Foxboro Stadium in 2001, but Saturday was far from ideal kicking conditions, with a light snowfall coming down when Vinatieri lined his kick up.

After the shank, Woodson’s reaction was priceless.

Vinatieri also missed an extra point against the Chiefs on Saturday, taking on to an uncharacteristic bad outing for the the 46-year-old, who has hit more big kicks than anyone in league history. But nothing can erase those two kicks in the snow against the Raiders.

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Source: NESN

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