Caleb Smith aims to continue impressive rookie campaign against Giants

JESSICA BLAYLOCK: Tomorrow’s starters with our Toyota road ahead. It’s going to be Andrew Suarez versus Caleb Smith.

TOMMY HUTTON: I think Suarez will have a good time. First of all, he’s born in Miami, went to Christopher Columbus High School, University of Miami. So his first appearance against the Marlins. He’ll be excited tomorrow.

MALE BROADCASTER: Yeah, Caleb Smith.

JESSICA BLAYLOCK: How about Caleb Smith? Yeah.

MALE BROADCASTER: In my opinion, the best starter right now, the most consistent for the Marlins. And you talk about rookie of the year, he’s got a great shot too. You put together another 7-8 wins. But last outing against the Padres. 5 and 1/3 shut out. So it sets up nicely for the Marlins tomorrow.

Source: Fox Sports

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