Budweiser Hockey Light Blimp Floats Aimlessly Through Canada Skies (Photo)

A Budweiser blimp has gone rogue in New Brunswick, Canada.

Canada Budweiser had the blimp designed for the Olympics. It floated over Toronto before the Canadian men’s hockey team took the ice in Sochi for their first game, but now it is officially on the loose in the Canadian skies.

The two-story, 70-foot-long blimp resembling a hockey goal light is floating aimlessly through the sky after it broke loose from a hockey tournament on Saturday afternoon.

It’s not clear when, or where, the blimp will land. Oh, the humanity.

Check out a picture of the runaway blimp in the photo below.

Budweiser blimp #hockeystreet http://t.co/ymzLeox1yh

Erin Tarantino (@erincandy) April 26, 2014

Photo of the Night

Playoffs are coming. Tumblr user Rachel Cohen transformed every NHL team’s logo into a medieval shield the likes of those made popular by “Game of Thrones.”

nhl logos game of thrones

Tweet of the Night

Touche Willie, touche.

Willie Nelson becomes a fifth-degree black belt today. Tomorrow, he turns 81. sbn.to/1itCeC3 http://t.co/b0VAWDKObf

SB Nation (@SBNation) April 28, 2014

Video of the Night

Paraskiing might not the safest winter activity, but it’s definitely the most exhilarating.

Photo via Twitter/@SportsGrid

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