Bruins Draft Review: Taking Stock Of B’s Seven Selections Best We Can

After 27 long days (or at least what felt like that long), the 2021 NHL Entry Draft came to an end Saturday.

Technically, the next step is to wait literal years and see which teams made the shrewdest moves to draft the players who make immeasurable impacts on their NHL clubs. It doesn’t work that way, of course, and we’re left to participate in one of the silliest follies of sports spectatorship: judging drafts.

For the Boston Bruins, that means trying to evaluate seven players, the oldest of which turned 19 years old two months ago. Furthermore, it’s hard to have an opinion on players you just heard of for the first time days ago.

As such, we lean on the so-called experts. Before that, though, here’s a quick refresher on Boston’s seven picks.

First round, No. 20 overall: RW Fabian Lysell (Sweden)
Third round, No. 85 overall: C Brett Harrison (OHL)
Fourth round, No. 117 overall: G Philip Svedeback (Sweden)
Fifth round, No. 149 overall: LW Oskar Jellvik (Sweden)
Sixth round, No. 181 overall: D Ryan Mast (OHL)
Seventh round, No. 213 overall: C Andre Gasseau (USA U-18)
Seventh round, No. 217 overall: D Ty Gallagher (USA U-18)

Now, a few takeaways with help from the smarter people.

— The Bruins’ front office and scouting department have been unafraid to reach for picks in the first round. This year, though, they might have benefited from a player falling to them at No. 20 where they grabbed Lysell out of Sweden.

Source: NESN

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