Breaking down the run-in between Joey Logano & Kyle Busch at Michigan

– All right, fast forward. Lap 41, your teammate Joey Logano involved in a little issue, incident, dustup, with the 18 of Kyle Busch. What do you see here?

– So here’s what you’re gonna– the 18 car is outside. His car is very loose. He loses speed, momentum. And he sees a small hole, fills it, but the 22 has a little bit of a run. By the time the 18 fills it, Joey says, that’s it. I’m not lifting. You came up here intentional. I had a run. You’re going to get a little bumper. I’m gonna try to pass you.

– So if that would have been the 2 car, he probably would have given a little bit more room, you think?

– Probably not.


When you see situations like that, that’s a conscious decision to turn in front of someone who’s faster. Usually drivers will give each other a break if maybe you get loose or you’re out of control and you’re sliding up into a spot. But when you just pull out in front of me, I’m going to hit you, yeah.

– I know it’s early, right? Still lap 41 in this.

– But the document– we’ve been documenting the 22 and Kyle Busch. They’ve had their run-ins. When you get close to a guy on a racetrack like that that you’ve had run-ins with in the past, are you aware of it? Do you know that that’s where he is?


– Well, I think we’re certainly aware of it when we’re watching it, so we were looking for sparks to fly between these two any time they’re close together. I don’t know if you had a seat for this or not. I don’t know if you were–

– I did not. Thankfully I was in front of this.


That’s in the best spot to be.

– You know, the potential biggest loser when we look at those two incidents on track– 17 of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Austin Dillon has a win. Logano has a win. Kyle Busch has been to victory lane multiple times. If Stenhouse has something go wrong, it could cause him to miss the playoffs here.

– Absolutely. That points battle right now for the cutoff, Adam, is so, so close. So you know, Andy, when you get in those positions, you’ve got to be cognizant of every move you make on the racetrack. You know, we don’t think the 17 car has the speed on the mile and a half, two-mile tracks to just go out and win. Maybe they will on the superspeedways. But for right now, they got to get every point they can get, and they can’t get any squabbles along the way.

– Yeah, he’s got to be up on the wheel, and he’s got to be kind of out of control the whole time to try to make the most points, the best position he can. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him at Michigan. And in this spot, like I said, I didn’t see many winners in that little [INTERPOSING VOICES].

– Just 11 to go. The pressure is starting to heat up.

Source: Fox Sports

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