Battle of the Birds: Cris Carter unveils the keys for Atlanta and Philadelphia ahead of Falcons – Eagles

– I’m leaning on the defense.

– Absolutely.

– David, I’m not leaning on Nick Foles. I’m not leaning all you guy’s stats. I got Nick with his stats bombarding me. And I got you.

DAVID DIEHL: That’s right.

– For bird stats.

– Boom.

– OK? I’m expecting the defense. I’m putting pressure back where they spent a lot of money. Fletcher Cox, Graham, getting after the quarterback. And also, I just believe in the playoffs. Hit a guy in the head with a blunt object. LaGarrette Blount, Blount, he was put on this team for a game like this. I believe–


– –going to be a sloppy surface in Philadelphia, physical defense, a physical running game. Bill Parcells, let’s shorten the game, all right? Let’s get that time of possession that Atlanta had last week, maybe not as drastic. But if the Eagles don’t have the ball for at least 32 minutes, right? Their defense can get exposed by Atlanta. Now Atlanta, they’ve been so inconsistent, their defense is a little undersized. So I believe the physical style leads to Philadelphia getting the win.

All right, I’m one of the few people, I’m rolling with the Eagles. I believe the Eagles and their defense are going to play well they’ll be able to pull out this win. I believe that was a huge emotional win for Atlanta. Now they have to travel all the way back on the East Coast. I believe the Eagles have enough defensively to be able to limit the Atlanta Falcons to 17 points. And that’s enough for them to get the win.

Source: Fox Sports

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